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Better Health through MEDITATION

Take Control of Your Life


    Learn how to unlock the power of your subconscious to heal your body and mind from the inside out.

    Millions of people over thousands of years have successfully used this ancient and time-tested form of taking control of their own minds, their spirituality, and their health.

    The Shaman, the Medicine Man, the Oracle and healers for centuries have all used this primary healing source.

    Loss of a Loved One
    If you are having trouble dealing with the loss of a loved one through death, divorce, or abandonment, this will help you overcome your grief and teach you how to move forward in your life.

    Stress Control
    Stress has been linked to many bodily disorders. Reducing stress in your life has many benefits including attitude, personality and social acceptance. This is good for anyone of any age. Do not let stress control your life.

    Peace of Mind
    This is for people who have trouble sleeping or just dealing with day to day decisions. Helps in self-confidence.

    Blood Pressure
    Blood pressure is a silent killer. If you are having trouble keeping your blood pressure down, this will go a long way toward helping.

    Health and Energy
    This is for people who are generally in good health and want a way to maintain a higher energy level.

    Cancer is no longer a death sentence. The body has many ways to maintain a higher energy level.

    This is an unwanted visitor in the body. Your body has many healing powers but needs direction that can be learned through meditation.

    Drug Abuse
    If you are having trouble kicking the drug dependency, this tape can help you reprogram your subconscious. This will help you strengthen your willpower and character.

    Suicide Prevention
    If problems in your life have reached a point where you are thinking, even slightly, of taking your life to avoid the pain, then you owe it to yourself to try to heal from the inside. This tape cannot give you a job or new mate, but it can help put you back on a more constructive path. Please call an operator for a suicide hotline for guidance.

    Quit Smoking
    If you have the willpower to use this tape, you have the willpower to quit smoking. This will give you the support you need.

    Weight and Diet
    Most people are overweight because of compulsion or habit. This will help you subconsciously reprogram your eating habits. Learn to lose weight as you sleep.

    Self Image
    All too often you do not give yourself the credit you deserve. You are a good person with much to offer. It is time you felt good about yourself. This tape will help improve your attitude and opportunity. You owe it to yourself.

    Problem Solving
    Worrying about a problem will not solve it. Learn how to program your brain’s thought processes to find solutions as you sleep. Wake up with answers.

    Goal Setting
    Good ideas come easier than good actions. Learn the steps to program your body to realize your full potential.

    Nothing seems to go right in your life if you are always depressed. You defeat any good action subconsciously. Depression is usually the beginning of a serious life long problem, if allowed to continue. You must act in your own self interest – now.

    Alcohol Abuse
    If you want to drink you will. If you want to quit drinking, but need help, you can. Begin a new life, alcohol free. Learn how.

    Learn how to transfer healing energy and positive mental images to loved ones. Be a positive influence in their recovery.

    Children’s Meditation Tapes
    #402 Homework   #404 Bed Wetting
    #403 Self Image   #405 Peer Pressure
    #406 Runaway     #407 Children of Divorce

    Headache sufferers, this tape you control headache pain by teaching you some simple Bio-Feedback techniques.

    Constant backache pain can be reduced to a tolerable level and sometimes be eliminated by following a daily bio-feedback routine.

    If you are having trouble sleeping then use the time to listen to this most popular tape to reprogram your body’s time clock, helping you sleep deeper and longer.

    Controlling Pain
    This tape is good for general non-specific pain. Body ache, stiffness of joints, etc. If you suffer severe chronic pain due to an accident or injury, call about your special needs tapes.

    Pet Loss
    Losing a pet can be as devastating as losing a member of the family. Learn how to ease the pain and deal with the grief.

    Basic Meditation
    Learn simple, basic, step-by-step methods on how to reach your Alpha lever, or subconscious. This is where all decisions controlling your life are made.

    If your tape breaks or is damaged for any reason, send it back within 60 days of purchase and it will be replaced.

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